Join Us Now In D.C., Cali, Texas, and Massachusetts!

August 20th – Saturday – Washington, D.C.

Military Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 2PM

Unprecedented access to an awesome venue and celebrating finding the love of your life. What could be better? Doing it for a longtime member of our military. #Thankyouforyourservice

September 17th – Saturday – San Francisco, CA

Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 5PM

San Francisco is our very own CITY OF LOVE! Come dance with us.

September 17th – Saturday – Hollywood, CA

Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 6:30pm

You know the drill, L.A. – let’s give them a memory to last a lifetime!!

September 24th – Saturday – Dallas, TX

Wedding Flash Mob – 21+ 9:15PM

Who can turn down an invitation to crash a wedding?! Wear your best dress/suit and let’s do this.

October 1st – Saturday – Monterey, CA

Marriage Proposal Flash Mob – 6pm

How exciting! Our first time in Monterey! Please help us spread the word. We cannot WAIT to dance in your gorgeous city.

November 5th– Saturday – Boston, MA

40th Birthday Flash Mob – 2pm

Oh, Boston how we have missed you!!


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